Credits & Web Team

These persons come together to make this site work:

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Web Team 2017

Shane Edwards - Webmaster  
Tavaugn Dean - Web Monitor  
Matthew Morrison- Chairman  
4 Jodiann Hemmings- Chief Content Monitor / Past Chairman  
Ryan Grant- General Monitor / Past Chairman  
6 Javaughn Keyes - General Editor  
Shamari Cooper - Chief of Graphic Design  
  Andrew Morgan - Content Monitor  
  Ramona Waller - Junior Editor  
  Alex Malabre - Videographer  
  Jenson Grant - Editor (Calendar)  
  Rohan Brown - Photographer / Compositor  
  Shane-Michael Thompson - Graphics supervisor  
  Krystal Grant - Media Supervisor  
  Keanu Murray - Content Monitor  
  Marlon Junior Williams Journalist
  Peter-Jaun Palmer - Compositor  
  Marquis White - Project Manager - HSTV
  Javian Najair - Production Assistant  
  Dennoy Martin- Compositor  
  Jevaughn Gordon- Compositor  
  Alysha McKenzie - Project Manager - ITAC  
  Khamali Powell- Compositor  
  Jared Green- Compositor  
  Jordon Porter- Compositor  



Thank you all!